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Printed Maps

• Large format hard copy maps are produced for CMV enforcement planning reference, usually hung on field office walls.

• Small map handouts are produced for CMV special operations, where troopers need to quickly familiarize themselves with local conditions.

Operational Planning for Troop F
MCSAP Activities for Troop E

Geocoding Services

COVERLAB staff provide geo-locating services for mapping events that are used for planning enforcement activities.

• Crashes – we map approximately 98% of all CMV-involved crashes in North Carolina (~9,000 – 14,ooo per year).

• Citations – we map approximately 90% of all citations issued in the field, including overweight and out-of-service violations issued.

• Inspections – we map approximately 90% of all inspections conducted in the field


Layer Development

GIS layers help troopers visualize relationships between activities and demand by providing a visual reference for deploying enforcement personnel and identifying the appropriate types enforcement activities to conduct.

• Roads and bridges that are vulnerable to damage from overweight vehicles
• High Crash Corridors
• Weigh Stations
• Posted Roads and Bridges
• Troop Boundaries
• Troop Installations
• Mile Markers
• Truck Routes
• Fuel Pumps

layer dev square


Posters are developed by our professional GIS staff for:

• Providing “big picture” context for COVERLAB projects
Showcasing our work at industry conferences
• Explaining our products and services to unfamiliar audiences
Custom requests by our partners

This poster provides an overview of COVERLAB Analytics, including the business case, how it works, and how it helps North Carolina’s CMV enforcement program improve planning operations through data driven decision management.

This poster provides an overview of how spatial patterns were distilled from raw enforcement and crash data, and how MCE staff is using these GIS layers to visualize patterns and trends for increasing operational effectiveness.

This poster depicts geospatial analysis research by COVERLAB staff to spatially target areas for enforcement activities. The goal is to deliver decision support intelligence to help effectively prioritize and deploy limited personnel resources.

COVERLAB is a program hosted at the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE), and supported by the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement section of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

Centennial Campus
909 Capability Drive, Suite 3600
Research Building IV
Raleigh, North Carolina 27606-3870 U.S.A.

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